About Us

Inspiration to Implementation

Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide individuals in the financial services industry and those that seek to understand Indexed Universal Life Insurance with comprehensive best practices. We seek to advocate for the often underrated strategic advantage of Indexed Universal Life as an additional financial strategy for those who just don’t know what they don’t know.


Far too often, experts without real understanding of these concepts dismiss the tax savings, financial flexibility, and growth potential that we have discovered using IUL. Our goal is to ensure that Indexed Universal Life becomes a positive household name across America.

What Do We Do

From case design, policy structure, and ongoing management to marketing and sales, we research what’s working, what’s not, and share our insights with you, the Insiders.



When you become an Insider, you’ll gain access to training, software, and additional resources to empower you with the ability and tools to promote and provide properly structured IUL policies to your clients.



We have tested the waters in all the different aspects of the industry and we are here to share our experience and give you a jump start so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, fumble through failure, and waste time and money on things that simply do not work.



Most importantly, you’ll better understand how to ensure you satisfy and prioritize your client’s needs above your own and put THEM in control of their financial goals through your new understanding of the power of Indexed Universal Life Insurance as a vehicle for tax-free wealth accumulation, distribution, and transfer.

Who We are

The IUL Insiders concept began about 14 years ago with what was called TEAM Training. The Andrew’s began coaching, training, and helping financial professionals. The program ran for several years, however the timing in the industry wasn’t right for the vision. Implementation and understanding was an issue for many professionals.


So we closed the program down…


Now almost 14 years later, the new technologies, systems, tools, and industry climate have changed the possibilities. 


Many financial professionals just like you want to know how to stand out among all the competition and become a million dollar producer and top earner.


That’s why we have pulled back the curtain and put together this exclusive program that will show you exactly how to promote and sell IUL as a strategy.


With a combined experience of over 140 years in the industry, several books written on the topic, and hundreds of marketing campaigns, seminars, and webinars we have gathered the best practices, software solutions, and time tested methods of running a successful insurance firm.

What Does that Mean for You?

When you become an Insider, you’ll gain access to a powerful coalition of professionals who seek to uplift the industry as a whole, provide real solutions to their clients, and ultimately desire to help families transform their financial futures.


You’ll also get access to a vast library of videos, training, software, and tools to assist you in your learning, understanding, and most importantly; implementation of providing properly structured Indexed Universal Life policies to your clients.

I have been with IUL Insiders just over 3 months, and I am ecstatic about the experience. The opportunity to engage with other insurance and retirement planning professionals of such high caliber is unprecedented. I am elated to be a part, and I believe it is a premiere mastermind group to be affiliated with, especially pertaining to development as an IUL sales and marketing expert. The weekly marketing and case study webinars are topnotch, and facilitate participants' exposure to the most advanced sales and marketing strategies in the industry, as well as expands one's vision and expectations re: building a large team and a substantial income. Lastly, but not least, the educational platform and the business tools are a force-multiplier--you have at your fingertips everything needed to WIN BIG!!
Dale D.
Financial Consultant